Irina Szmelskyj DipAc, MSc

In 1986, a year after qualifying from The British School of Osteopathy, and having worked for a year as an associate at a practice in Yorkshire, Alan Szmelskyj started the practice in Godmanchester. Alan and the practice soon became well known and respected in the Huntingdon area. Over the years, over 15,000 patients have been treated at our clinics. Doctors and consultants have referred or recommended many of the patients we have seen. Most of our patients decide to consult us based on the recommendations of their friends and family that we have successfully helped.

At True Health Clinics we believe that each person with ill health should be treated as an individual, especially as the reasons contributing to the development of ill health are unique to each person. We believe in going beyond treating the symptoms. Using our extensive experience and our knowledge, we identify and treat the root causes of a person's ill heath and disease.