Charmaine Clarke Reflexology

Are you suffering from IBS, low back pain or stress? Whilst reflexology may not be the immediate remedy that springs to mind, it is the most natural and non-invasive of complementary therapies and is a means of relieving many of these nagging symptoms we all suffer from at some stage in our lives. Reflexology helps to rebalance our internal energies, with regular treatments one is more able to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life. Over time energy levels improve, and we become more relaxed and there is less feeling of panic. Hormones are rebalanced and our metabolic rate stabilises. What about the elderly? Reflexology is often carried out in hospices and care home homes for the elderly, this is because the effects of reflexology may help to reduce cholesterol levels, reduce and maintain lower blood pressure and assist with mobility. Maybe you are a woman going through the menopause.