Yvonne Darnell, BSc

You may not have had the opportunity to express your feelings fully, and may have questions you want to raise. The clinic offers a safe and neutral place to do this. We allow up to 2 hours for the first session because it is important we get all the necessary details and it is vital to make you feel supported and understood. Acupuncture is about treating the whole being, emotionally physically and spiritually, so if you feel comfortable and safe you will be much more receptive to the treatment which is tailored to your specific needs.

Once treatment is underway we will have the opportunity to discuss our findings and the best way forward to address your particular pathology. Treatment plans will be explained, when they are likely to take place, and how often it's best to see you. We are dedicated to helping you in the best way we can. Our goals are the same as yours; we want this journey to result in a baby, and another lovely picture for our clinic wall.