Traditional Acupuncture

We specialise in offering acupuncture treatments for women of all ages. Our clinic is based in Brighton and we support women who live locally, in Sussex, as well as many people who work in London.

Our acupuncturists treat a range of gynaecological conditions including hormonal imbalances, subfertility, painful or irregular periods, pre-menstrual symptoms, breast tenderness, endometriosis and polycystic ovaries.

Acupuncture can also be an effective form of treatment during all stages of pregnancy, often when other treatments options are not available. We regularly treat pregnant women for symptoms associated with pregnancy such as nausea, fatigue, back pain, sciatica, varicose veins, anaemia, insomnia, oedema, constipation and heartburn as well as treating for breech presentation and induction of labour. We can also use acupuncture and acupressure as a woman prepares for labour and through all stages of childbirth. We offer home visits postnatally in the Brighton and Hove area.