Sussex Osteopath & Complementary Health Clinic

Launa is a registered Osteopath and qualified Fertility Massage practitioner with a special interest in improving health through natural methods, including manual therapies, exercise and nutrition.

Launa takes a detailed case history and assessment in order to tailor her treatments to the whole person and not just the symptoms.

My passion for finding health started whilst I was training to become an Osteopath. Realizing that bodywork is not only great for relief of aches and pains but also for restoring function and vitality in the body, to bring back health. My interest in Women's Health started with my own experience of painful periods. With determination not to have to take painkillers every month I went in search for a more permanent and Natural Solution. That is when I came across Fertility Massage Therapy & Training TM. The month after receiving a demonstration Fertility Massage at the CAM Expo my period pain had reduced so much that I did not have to take any painkillers.