Solihull Acupuncture For Infertility

There are numerous suppliers of supplements on the market now and it is difficult to find good quality. I am getting more and more questions asking for help with fertility and fallopian problems. You will understand why if you Google "falling sperm count". In Scotland the sperm count has dropped 30% in 25 years and even in France, the country famed for its cooking and healthy eating, it has dropped by 25% in just 17 years. It is heart breaking for couples who may have left it a little longer than they intended before starting a family (we are at our most fertile by aged 20).

When they go down the medical route the money they saved to be able to afford children goes on dramatically expensive fertility treatment. In most cases it is thousands and they are forced to pay with no guarantee of success. Of course doctors never discuss the science and research that shows how diet, sugary drinks and a lack of nutrients are to blame in the majority of cases.