John Wheeler Acupuncture

Welcome to the website of John Wheeler Acupuncture at the Lavender Heal Clinic in Battersea and Clapham. We specialise in fertility and have years of experience treating many conditions. We are one of the very few clinics that guarantee pre and post IVF treatments on the day of your IVF, irregardless of day and time. Are you having difficulty with fertility or considering IVF or another ART? Because Chinese Medicine uses different diagnostic techniques it can often increase your chances of conceiving, especially if your infertility is unexplained. Increase your IVF success from 22% - 42% with pre and post treatments. Improve uterine blood flow. Increase male sperm count. Lower FSH levels sufficient for IVF to commence. Reduce menopausal symptoms of down regulation. Regulate hormones and the cycle. Relieve endometriosis. Pain of all kinds.