Elm Wood Massage Clinic

Kerry is a fully qualified Massage Specialist who uses her experience to benefit everyone from the sedentary office worker to athletes.

I became seriously interested in sport approximately 20 years ago when I started karate. By the age of 8 I trained three times per week and by 12, Karate had become a way of life for me, training six times per week. I was honored to achieve my 1st Dan Black Belt and train with some fantastic people who will always have a special place in my heart.

Many of my karate instructors were qualified in sports massage and I was privileged to experience the benefits of regular sports massages. This allowed my training to go from strength to strength. I have worked in the leisure and fitness industry for 12 years now. Alongside working in the leisure industry I trained as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, sports massage therapist and G.P referral specialist which allowed me to then progress to becoming a gym manager.