Bristol Fertility Solutions

I am one of the more experienced fertility Acupuncturists in Bristol and my practice has been responsible for helping many hundreds of women achieve their family. I am not Western trained; although, I did spend a short time training as a midwife. I am trained in Chinese Medicine and feel this is a bonus, rather than a hindrance. I believe that our physical, emotional and spiritual health is all connected and any factor out of balance can affect our well-being and our goals.

However, if you are looking for support from a Western perspective, I suggest booking an appointment to see Mr Valentine Akande, Consultant Obstetric and Gynaecologist at Spire Bristol Hospital. Valentine holds appointments and operates on private Fertility or Gynaecology patients at the Spire Bristol Hospital. Ultrasound scans and all tests are also undertaken there. When I meet new clients, I am considering all the time 'What is their GOOD health'.